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Our Top 3 Mental Health Tips For Kids

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, to celebrate you can prioritise your mental health and check-in with loved ones. ⁠We wanted to share with you our top 3 mental health tips you can try today.

1. Get closer to nature Nature can have a really calming effect on us, so why not find time today to go out for a walk in your local park or forest. Try to notice the different smells, sounds and textures as this can help you relax and find calm from a busy mind. Try tuning your senses to what’s around you – the trees, plants, birds, water etc. Take a deep breath in and observe how you feel.

2. Deep breaths Feeling anxious? Allow your breath to help calm your nervous system! A simple yet effective breathing technique we love: 1. Find a comfortable seat 2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose for a count of 5 3. Breathe out steadily through your nose for a count of 6

3. Laugh with someone Take the time to laugh. Go hang out with a friend and do things that make you laugh as laughter helps reduce anxiety. By spending quality time with friends and family, talking to someone about how we are feeling, or finding ways to help other people can all help with loneliness and improve your mental health and wellbeing.

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