best yoga cards for toddlers

Our Story

We created IMYOGI to bring yoga to kids of all ages, helping them develop self-confidence, body awareness, and mindfulness.

Our mission is to create products which help bring calm and positivity to children. To provide your little ones with tools on how to deal with any big emotions that life might throw their way. 

The idea of IMYOGI was born when Florence wanted to introduce yoga to her niece but struggled to find fun yoga cards which were inclusive in their representation of children. Therefore she decided to create an inclusive deck of yoga cards herself.

Florence strongly believes in the importance of yoga and mindfulness for children, as they help develop the tools the children need to deal with big emotions in healthy ways already from a young age.

We are also conscious in doing our part in conserving the world in which we live, so our children have the chance to enjoy all the beautiful nature our planet has to offer. We have therefore committed to the following:

  • long lasting design - we have chosen durable materials for our products to ensure that they last for a long time

  • reusability and recyclability - the IMYOGI cards are made of recycled paper and they are 100% recyclable

  • sustainable packaging - 100% recyclable packaging

  • carbon neutral delivery - we always try to partner with carbon neutral couriers whenever possible

  • non toxic materials - we use eco friendly inks which are vegetable-based, they're free from toxic chemicals and are less impactful on the environment.