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4 Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For Children

Introducing yoga to children helps establish healthy habits from a young age. Yoga can help develop self-confidence, body awareness, and mindfulness. Providing your little ones with tools on how to deal with big emotions.

1. Yoga Helps To Regulate Your Nervous System

Incorporating yoga into your child's daily routine can help them regulate and calm your little ones' central nervous system and shift it from the 'fight-or-flight' to the 'rest-and-renew' state, providing children with tools to cope with any big emotions they might experience throughout their day.

2. Yoga Encourages Calm And Focus

By taking a break from your little one's busy schedule and taking five minutes to reconnect back with their body and breath can help children refocus on what they were doing beforehand and also bring about a sense of calm and grounding.

3. Quality Time With Your Kids

In a world where parents and children are so busy, family yoga provides a wonderful space where you can spend some quality time together. It's a chance to spend healthy, happy, quality time together. No computers or TV and no other duties. It’s just you and your little ones.

4. Creates A Healthy Routine

When we create a healthy routine of mindful movement and play, we are supporting our little ones' health and also their social emotional learning. As well as offering them the time to find a sense of relaxation and calm during their otherwise busy days.⁠

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